WANTED. Pictures of Ex Mayors, Presidents & Chairmen

Published: Tuesday, 14 January 2020 at 11:02:23 AM




A new gallery is being curated by the Shire of Narrogin, being a gallery of portraits of former Mayors, Presidents and Chairmen, of either the past Narrogin Road Board, Narrogin Municipal Council, Town of Narrogin, or the former and present Shire of Narrogin.

Of the total of 41 municipal chairs over 120 years across the various municipalities, the Shire have only 10 pictures to find, and therefore seeks community support in locating portraits.  Shire Chief Executive Officer Dale Stewart noted “Surely there will be photos in family albums or shoe boxes where these photos will just turn up – we just need to ask”.  Therefore the Shire is now on the hunt to fill the frames with the missing portraits.

Once all the portraits are framed, they will be placed in a gallery in the Mayors’ Parlour, located upstairs in the historic Narrogin Town Hall.  In the future, every time a new Shire President is elected, the outgoing Shire President’s portrait will join the collection. Mr Stewart added “The Mayors’ Parlour is a most suitable location for this collection and will add to the charm of this historic public venue”.

If members of the Narrogin community can assist in locating photographs of the following Road Board Chairs or Municipal Mayors, they are asked to make contact with Carolyn Thompson on 9890 0900 or email enquiries@narrogin.wa.gov.au

  • Mr Peter Ebenezer Wedd, 1908 Chair of Road Board
  • Mr D C Scott, 1909-1910 Mayor Narrogin Municipal Council
  • Mr JTW Chipper, 1910-1911 Chair of Road Board and Mayor
  • Mr Walter Frederick Andrews, 1917-1918 Mayor Narrogin Municipal Council
  • Mr Francis Buxton, 1917-1919 Chairman of Road Board
  • Mr Albert Edward Heathcote, 1919-1920 Mayor Narrogin Municipal Council
  • Mr David M Tylor, 1920-1921 Chair Narrogin Road Board
  • Mr Samuel James Warne, 1923-1927 Mayor Narrogin Municipal Council
  • Mr John Patterson Myers, 1936-1944 Narrogin Municipal Council
  • Mr Moses Hubert Mowday, 1944-1947 Narrogin Municipal Council

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Mayor Moss 2906-1909.

A portrait of Mayor Moss (Municipality of Narrogin 1906-09), will be hung in the gallery in Mayors Parlour along with 41 others.

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