Contractor Information

Work Health and Safety

The Shire welcomes your interest in providing your services to us. As a responsible corporate citizen, we place a strong priority on Work Health and Safety values which our contracted services providers are expected to share.

As well as Work Health and Safety being a core corporate value, the Shire and our contracted services providers also have shared legislative responsibilities which must be complied with.

In order to ensure that intended contracted services providers are adequately assessed for suitability for engagement and are also made fully aware of the Shire's Work Health and Safety expectations, we have developed a WHS Contractor's Handbook.

The WHS Contractors Handbook explains the Shire's Work Health and Safety requirements that contracted services providers are expected to abide by when performing any works on our sites.

It should be noted that it does not replace your own reading and understanding of WHS requirements.

Your assistance in fulfilling the provision of a safe working environment and systems of work are appreciated and we look forward to a continuing business arrangement with your organisation.

New Supplier?

Are you new to town and wanting to provide services or products to the Shire? In order for the Shire to be able to engage you or your business, the Shire's New Supplier Form will need to be completed by you in the first instance and submitted back to the Shire for registration.

WHS Contractors Handbook 

Shire of Narrogin WHS Policy

New Supplier Form

Contractor WHS and Insurance Risk Registration Form