Differential Rating 

 In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the former Town and Shire of Narrogin, differential rating has been introduced to allow ratepayers of the former Shire of Narrogin to gradually increase their rates over a period of 10 years to ensure that all GRV properties will have the same rate in the dollar. In order to achieve this it was agreed to phase in an increase to allow the Rural Ward GRV ratepayers gradually to achieve “parity” with the Urban Ward GRV ratepayers. The Rural UV ratepayers have been benchmarked to the Shire of Wagin’s UV rated properties.

If you have questions regarding differential rating and the parity factor please read this link.

To see the Council’s Notice of Intention to Levy Differential Rates for current year, please see the public notice.

The Rates Calculation

Here is a simple example of how to calculate your total Rates bill.

  • Multiply the Unimproved Value or the Gross Rental Value of your property (as determined by the Valuer General and shown on your Rates Notice) by the rate in the dollar (determined by the Council).
    If a property has a Gross Rental Value of $15,000,  multiply this value by the rate in the dollar of 12.1642 cents. The Rates charged, based on rental values, would therefore be $1,824.63.

Below are the adopted rate in the dollar values and minimum rates for 22022/23

Rate Category

Rate in the $

Minimum Rate

Lesser Minimum

- GRV Urban

12.1642 cents


- GRV Rural

8.6640 cents



- UV

0.5183 cents


Emergency Services Levy (ESL) Calculation

The Emergency Services Levy is a State Government charge applicable to all properties in WA, which is invoiced and collected by local governments on behalf of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). The ESL provides the majority of funding required for Career and Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service Brigades, DFES Multi-Function Brigades/Units, Bush Fire Brigades and State Emergency Service Units. The amount of ESL to be collected, and the applicable rates and charging parameters, are declared annually by the Minister for Emergency Services. For more information please refer to www.dfes.gov.au or free-call 1300 136 099.

There are five ESL rate categories that apply, depending on the type and level of fire and emergency services available to a property. The Shire of Narrogin is in ESL categories 4 and 5:

  • ESL Category 4 (Regional):
  • Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service brigade
  • OR a Volunteer Emergency Service unit with breathing apparatus
  • OR a bush fire brigade with breathing apparatus
  • AND the statewide SES network

The ESL charge for properties located in category 5 is a fixed charge of $93. Category 4 is calculated using a rate in the dollar of $0.005675 per dollar GRV.  Minimum and maximum charges for 2022/23 are below:

ESL Category ESL Rates (per $GRV) Minimum and Maximum ESL Charges By Property Use
Residential, Farming and Vacant Land Commercial, Industrial and Miscellaneous
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
4 $0.005675 $93 $164 $93 $93,000
5 Fixed Charge $93 - - - -
Mining Tenements Fixed Charge $93 - - - -