Child Safe Awareness

Empowering Communities to Protect Children

The Shire of Narrogin is committed to assisting the community and individuals to protect children from various dangers they may encounter and have adopted Policy 1.19 Child Safe Awareness that supports this commitment. Together, we can create safe environments where children can thrive. Child safety is a concern that requires the collective effort of parents, educators, community groups and government.  

Children and young people engage with the Shire in a variety of ways, whether it be through child-specific programs and services such as childcare or youth programs, by accessing community services such as libraries, leisure and community centres, by participating in community events, or by enjoying our parks and open spaces.

By raising awareness and providing valuable resources, we aim to prevent child abuse, neglect, bullying and other threats to their well-being. The following resources are available for use by the community:

Safe Clubs 4 kids Brochure

Play by the Rules Poster

Child Safe Practices Do's & Dont's 

Remember, every action we take today contributes to a brighter and safer future for our children.

More information is available from: