Invest in Narrogin

Agriculture may be the dominant industry in Narrogin, but the local council and business groups are actively encouraging new business and industry to the region.

There are also many opportunities for diversification within the agricultural industry, particularly in the niche produce markets.

The tourism market is another area which has the potential to be explored further, particularly in attracting international visitors or day trippers.

With technology advancement and the Shire’s proximity to Perth, manufacturing industries may be interested in new industrial lots, which have been released by LandCorp, the State Government’s land development agency, and by the Shire.

As part of a wider push to build regional communities, LandCorp’s Regional Development Assistance Program is helping to open up more parcels of land of about 4,000sqm for commercial use in the Narrogin. The council plans to further develop larger industrial lots on a 52ha parcel of land just outside of Narrogin. The area backs on to the existing industrial estate and is located adjacent to major transport routes.

A strongly backed local Chamber of Commerce Industry offers ongoing support and promotion of local business.  The chamber is also a part of the State-wide Voice of Regional Business for Western Australia, which ensures the issues and concerns of regional businesses are heard by the people who make the decisions.

With more than 9,000 members the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA provides a forum for information sharing, lobbying on common issues, forming strategic business alliances and regional networking. It also means that the Narrrogin Chamber of Commerce is supported in every aspect of providing the best business community for its members.

Narrogin business and industry is backed by the Wheatbelt Development Commission, a statutory authority charged with advancing community well being through self-sustaining regional development.  The Commission aims to generate more jobs by creating an environment conducive to entrepreneurial development and to develop infrastructure and services to allow regional industry to compete at all levels.