The recently completed Stories of Us: The Narrogin Heritage Walk Trail is the Shire's commitment to the conservation and celebration of Narrogin’s heritage buildings.

Historian Maurie White’s booklet “Timescape” gives an account of a 1998 Townscape Project which revived community appreciation and enthusiasm for the value of Narrogin’s heritage buildings, their contribution to the character of the streetscape and the local history that they represent. These early buildings stand as a monument to the times and people of another era. Maurie White wrote Timescape as a guide for a walk around the main streets of Narrogin. The heritage walk however over the years has never been recognised and celebrated with interpretive signage.

The Narrogin Heritage Walk Trail reactivates significant sections of the Heritage Walk described in Timescape. The entire project delivers 25 interpretive signs in anodized sketched aluminium on stylish pedestal posts installed as strategic points or nodes in the CBD, complete with trail directional markers and a trail head sign located outside the visitor centre.

Left: The trail head at the front of the Dryandra Country Visitors Centre. Right: The first panel in the trail - the Union Bank

The 1,250 metre stroll through the Narrogin CBD is designed for one-way travel in a clockwise direction however it can be joined anywhere along the route. The Shire produced a Stories of Us brochure which includes a trail map that can be collected from the Dryandra Country Visitor Centre or Arts Narrogin.

Alternatively, you can download the brochure here. Not in Narrogin? Click here to take a virtual tour. Enjoy!

Timescape - The forerunner to the 2020 Stories of Us (The Narrogin Heritage Walk) Walk Trail.

 A Heritage Walk around the town centre of Narrogin.

Narrogin is fortunate that many of its early buildings have been retained and well preserved, thus providing an attractive heritage feel to the centre of town. In 1988 a Project in Narrogin revived community appreciation and enthusiasm for the value of these heritage buildings for their contribution to the character of the and the local history they represent.

The buildings stand as a monument to the times and the people who produced them, prompting our inquiry into the spirit of other times A short walk around the main streets of Narrogin, using this booklet as your guide, will afford a wealth of knowledge about our early settlers and events in the development of the town.

Compiled by the Honorary Historian of the town, Mr Maurie White, and using early photographs from the Narrogin Historical Society's collection, now vested in the Narrogin Old Courthouse Museum, this booklet offers an interesting glimpse of our town's history and a souvenir of Narrogin.


A Town of Narrogin Project 1998 - Narrogin Heritage Trail

The Narrogin Heritage Trail explores the settlement and development of the Narrogin area, and has two sections:

  1. The Narrogin Townsite Trail, a 14km drive featuring significant historical sites in the Narrogin town, including a short walk highlighting buildings in Egerton Street. This section offers opportunities for picnicking, nature walks through Fox's Lair Park and a visit to the Old Courthouse Museum. Allow 90 minutes to complete this section.
  2. The Narrogin District Trail, a 117km drive based on the old Mourambine Track used by traders and settlers in the Arthur River/Williams districts and highlighting the historical farms in the area. At a leisurely pace this section, which includes a visit to the neighbouring town of Williams, will take about half a day to complete.

 A Shire of Narrogin Commonwealth / State Bicentennial Project 1988


Narrogin Centenary Pathway - The Centenary Pathway

A century of local history from 1892 is depicted in the 100 black granite tiles in the 1km pathway along Narrogin Creek, in Gnarojin Park.

Take a walk along the Centenary Pathway to discover an intriguing collection of stories about life in Narrogin over 100 years.

Artist Bernd Kaiser worked with local school children to research, design and lay the tiles.

A Town of Narrogin Centenary Project 1992