Fire Control

The Shire of Narrogin encourages all members of the community to actively prepare their properties with fire breaks and low lying grass and prepare families for a bushfire incident prior to the commencement of the bushfire season. (October to April).

(Important information is also on our Emergency Preparedness Page about Bushfire Control) 


Notice of Requirement to Comply

PURSUANT to the powers contained in Section 33 of the Bush Fires Act 1954, fire breaks are required to be completed and fuel hazard reduction measures taken by 1 November each year.  Land owners and occupiers are required to clear firebreaks and fuel free areas and thereafter maintain them free of all flammable materials until 1 May as detailed in the Fire Control Order.

Bush Fire Act 1954

Fire Control Order 2023/24

Firebreaks and Fuel Hazard Reduction Period

Firebreaks and fuel hazard reduction measures must be in place by 1 November and must be maintained until 1 May inclusive.

Fire Management Requirements

Open Air Fires

Garden refuse, cooking, camping fires, etc are not permitted at all –

  • during the Prohibited Burning period from 1 November to 1 March
  • on days when the fire danger rating is “Very High” or above

Garden refuse, cooking, camp fires, etc MAY be permitted during the Restricted Burning period, if the fire danger is lower than “Very High” AND you have a permit from a Fire Control Officer AND you comply with any conditions listed on that permit which will include a minimum 3 metre clear firebreak around it.


Penalties apply for non-compliance with the Notice, and may be issued without further advice after 1 November.  Severe penalties apply for unauthorised starting of fires or interfering with a Shire officer or Fire Control Officer in the performance of their duties.


Restricted and Prohibited Burning Periods

The RESTRICTED Burning period is from 1 October to 1 May inclusive.

Within this period, the PROHIBITED Burning period has additional limitations, and is from 1 November to 1 March inclusive.

If the dates for Prohibited burning period change for any reason, the requirements of the Restricted Burning period automatically apply,

Burning Permits

Permits will only be issued during the Restricted Burning period, or as permitted by the Bush Fires Act.

Permits may be obtained from the Shire Office or from a Fire Control Officer. 

Permits will only be issued if the Office or FCO is of the opinion that the weather conditions are suitable, and may apply restrictions.  Failure to comply with the restrictions is an offence.


Fire control officers have the authority under the Bush Fires Act 1954 to halt any activity or operation that is deemed as hazardous or likely to start a fire.

Under section 14(1)(d) of the Act, fire officers can enter onto your property to examine situations they consider to be a fire hazard.

Penalties will be enforced by the Shire of Narrogin for failure to comply with the Firebreak and Fuel Hazard Reduction Notice.

Fire Control Officer Contacts (April 2024)

Dual Fire Control Officer Contacts (As at July 2024)

DFES Contacts

Map - Narrogin Bush Fire Brigade Boundaries


During the summer months, the Shire has the authority to impose a Harvest Ban and/or a Ban on the Movement of Vehicles in Paddocks and the Use of Internal Combustion Engines.  A ban can affect the whole Shire or a particular area.  

To check whether the Shire has a ban in place, please use the Local Fire Information Line on 9881 4988 which has a recorded message that is updated as soon as possible after a ban has been placed or removed.

Restricted / Prohibited Period Load / Unload Permit


Emergency Radio Channel – UHF channel 5

The Shire will operate on UHF emergency channel 5.  When attending a fire, brigade members are asked to switch to this channel.

SMS Group Messaging

If you would like to receive Harvest Ban Information by SMS Messaging please contact the Shire Office on 9890 0900 with your mobile number to be included in this service.

Local Fire Information Line   -  9881 4988 (unattended)

This phone line which will provide a current harvest ban status within the Shire. 

Information is recorded and updated as needed, but since the line is unattended, it will not be answered. 

 If you have a query, you must contact the Shire Office or a Fire Control Officer if appropriate.

ABC Local Radio Broadcasts

 ABC Local Radio broadcasts Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban information.  To hear harvest bans, listen in at

10:05 am,  12:35 pm, and 3.:05 pm.

Emergency Communications Fact Sheet