Narrogin Cemetery

Digital Cemetery Platform

To allow families to more easily locate their loved ones within the cemetery, the Shire has implemented a new digital cemetery platform. This system provides an innovative and convenient experience for the public. The platform can be accessed through the link below as well as by scanning the QR code which is located on signs at the cemetery.


The system is a digital mirror of the cemetery, which allows the Shire to manage cemetery records and share them online. Users can view interments (blue), reservations (yellow) and vacant plots (green). With a user-friendly platform, the online system allows members of the public to access information about their ancestors. Using smartphones and other devices, it is easy to locate specific plots, search for individuals based on name or date of birth, and embark on a guided digital walk to the precise burial site.

The digital cemetery system also allows families to create a meaningful online memorial with “Life Chronicle” which provides an opportunity to share photos and a story of your loved one’s life, leaving an everlasting memory and ongoing connection to their lives and legacy. Interments with “Life Chronicle” stories attached are highlighted in aqua.

Life Chronicle submissions can be made directly through the digital cemetery system by clicking on “Write a Life Chronicle”. There is a small cost for submissions which is paid directly to the software provider. A link to the FAQ & Information Sheet regarding Life Chronicle submissions can be found here.

The Shire of Narrogin is taking this venture one step further by accepting Official Stories to be attached to the plots. If you possess historical information from creditable sources, such as published books, you are encouraged to email the Shire on with the information. By incorporating these official narratives, the cemetery aims to honour the rich history of the region and ensure that future generations can connect with their heritage.

The Shire has made every effort to ensure that all of the information is correct if you believe that there is an error please contact the Shire by emailing and we will investigate the discrepancy.

The Narrogin Cemetery is situated at the corner of Williams Road and Lefroy Street, just out of Narrogin's Town centre, on the right side of Williams Road as you are heading towards the town of Williams.

The main entrance is off Lefroy Street where you will find an information sign.  There is also parking on Grainger Street near the new niche walls, there you will find another information sign as well as toilet and tap facilities.

As well as the traditional burial areas the Shire of Narrogin now has a lawn burial area as well as areas for ‘Natural Burials’ and 'Muslim Burials', it also caters for the placement of ashes in a family grave, one of the Niche Walls or the Rose Garden.

The Shire of Narrogin has produced an information booklet - Cemetery Plans, Guidelines and Forms which contains helpful information. This booklet may be downloaded below.

Information Booklet

Burial Services

You will need to contact your chosen Funeral Director.

Funeral homes available in Narrogin:

Dawson's Funeral Home


120 Federal Street Narrogin WA 6312


(08) 9881 1161


(08) 9881 3644



Current Fees and Charges

Erection/Repair of Monuments

All monumental works must be approved by the Shire of Narrogin prior to placement in the Cemetery and adhere to specifications set out in the local laws. Please complete the Permission to erect a memorial form located below. Return this with the required specifications and payment to Shire of Narrogin PO Box 1145, Narrogin WA 6312.

The repair and maintenance of monuments is the responsibility of the family, not the Shire.

Other Information

The Shire of Narrogin operates under the Cemeteries Act 1986 and the Shire of Narrogin Cemetery Local Law 2016.

Shire of Narrogin Cemetery Forms

Application for Burial

Purchase/Renew Grant of Right of Burial

Application for Placement of Ashes in Family Grave

Application for Placement of Ashes in Niche Wall

Application for Natural Burial

Natural Burial Agreement

Application for Monumental Works