New Driver’s Licence Application

Whether you’re applying to get your first licence or wanting to transfer your licence from interstate or overseas, an application needs to be completed and 5 forms of ID presented and sighted. See below for the application form and the list of ID requirements

Application Form (DLA1)

Proof of Identity Requirements

Please note that licence transfers all vary in process and testing requirements, our friendly staff can help you with any queries you have about transferring your licence.

A quick note: Learner driver/Log books changed to the new Graduated Driver Training and Licensing System on October 2017, the new system is as follows

Computer Theory Tests (CTT)

Minimum age 16 years

The Shire of Narrogin has CTT facilities. There is no need to book, just arrive the Shire Administration building before 4:00 pm at the latest so relevant paperwork can be processed in time.

Initial CTT Fee is $19.25

Supplementary CTT Fee is $ 13.95

Once you have passed the CTT you will be issued a Learner's Permit.

Log Books & Learner Guides

A Log Book and Learner Guide is issued at the time of a successful Pass of your CTT.

This contains information to assist you in developing safe driving skills. It also has a combined log book you need to record your supervised day and night driving experience prior to your Practical Driving Assessment.

Log Book requirements are now 50 supervised hours including a minimum of 5 hours of night driving (between sunset and sunrise).

Log Book Fee is $7.35 (payable at the time of initial application)

Hazard Perception Test (HPT)

Minimum age 16 years & six months

You can complete your HPT a minimum of six months after you receive your Learner's Permit.

No booking is required, simply bring your Learner's Permit in for identification purposes.

Upon a successful Pass result on your HPT, we will issue you with your provisional Driver’s Licence.

You must pass the HPT before you can attempt a Practical Driving Assessment.

Once you have passed the HPT, you need to build on your experience and continue to record a minimum of 50 supervised driving hours including at least five hours at night.

Initial HPT Fee is $22.20

Supplementary HPT Fee is $ 15.40

Practical Driving Assessment (PDA)

Minimum age 17 years

You can book your PDA here with us or you can easily book online:

Please arrive at the Shire of Narrogin Administration Office on the day of your assessment approximately 10 minutes early, make sure you have your Learner’s Permit, Log Book (where applicable) and your booking confirmation letter.

Once you have passed the PDA you will be granted a provisional licence and are able to drive unsupervised.

Initial PDA Fee is $89.15 (payable at the time of initial application)

Supplementary PDA Fee is $81.40