Local Laws

Consolidated Local Laws

Bush Fire Brigades Local Law 2017 (as amended)

Cats Local Law 2016

Cemetery Local Law 2016 (as amended)

Dogs Local Law 2016

Extractive Industries Local Law 2017 (as amended)

Fencing Local Law 2016

Meeting Procedures Local Law 2016

Parking Local Law 2016 (as amended)

Public Places and Local Government Property Local Law 2016 (as amended)

Repeal and Amendment Local Law 2019

Waste Local law 2019

Current Local Laws (Old laws)

These local laws have been in place for some time, and once additional local laws are considered and adopted, will be revoked.  Should you wish to obtain copies of these local laws and their amendments, please contact the Shire office.

  • Health Model "A" Series By-laws adopted by the former Shire of Narrogin in 1974 and amended
  • Health Model "A" Series By-laws adopted by the former Town of Narrogin in 1966 and amended 
  • By-laws Relating to Signs, Hoardings and Bill Posting 1986 as amended 

Local Laws Being Considered

Several local laws are to be considered for the future –-

  • Amenity – replacing part of the Model "A" Series By-laws,dealing with community well-being, and updated for new legislative provisions
  • Health – replacing the remainder of the Model "A" Series By-laws, dealing with public health matters, and updated for new legislative provisions

Our current local laws can also be accessed by going directly to the The Local Laws Register on The Department of Local Government and Communities Website.

Please note - to see all current and repealed local laws, under the "Locale" button, you may need to look at -

    • Narrogin Shire
    • Narrogin Shire (Pre-merger)
    • Narrogin Town (Pre-merger)