Elected Members

The President and Elected Members are elected by the local community to represent the interests and needs of the community.

Elected Members provide community leadership and guidance and facilitate communication between the community and the Council.

Elected Members play a very important policy-making role, requiring the identification of community needs, setting objectives to meet those needs, establishing priorities between competing demands and allocating resources.

The role of the Shire President and the Elected Members is specified within the Local Government Act 1995.

Back L-R:  Cr Sophie Lushey, Cr Geoff Ballard, Cr Murray Fisher, Cr Graham Broad, Mr Torre Evans (Exec. Mgr Technical & Rural Services),
Mr Frank Ludovico (Exec. Mgr Corporate & Community Services), Cr Jacqui Early, Mr Azhar Awang (Exec. Mgr Development & Regulatory Services).

Front L-R: Cr Brian Seale, Mr Dale Stewart (Chief Executive Officer), Mr Leigh Ballard (Shire President);.
Cr Tim Wiese (Deputy Shire President), Cr Clive Bartron.

Contacting your Elected Members

Elected Members can be contacted by phone, see list below, or via email or in writing to Shire of Narrogin, PO Box 1145, Narrogin WA 6312.

Elected Members
Mr Leigh Ballard

Ph: 9881 5711 | Mob: 0428 832 095

Retires 2021

Cr Tim Wiese
Deputy President

Ph: 9885 9050 | Mob: 0429 859 070

Retires 2021
Cr Sophie Lushey

Ph:  0400 690 812

Retires  2023
Cr Graham Broad

Mob: 0436 420 717

Retires 2023

Cr Jacqui Early

Mob: 0407 991 806

Retires 2023
Cr Murray Fisher

Mob 0457 811 242

Retires 2023
Cr Brian Seale

Ph:  9881 1660 | Mob: 0427 611 286

Retires 2021
Cr Clive Bartron

Ph: 9881 0333 | Mob: 0438 811 657

Retires 2021
Cr Geoff Ballard
Ph: 9861 6051 | Mob: 0427 616 051
Retires 2021

Council Policy - Attendance at Events by Elected Members & the Chief Executive Officer

Pursuant to Section 5.90A of the Local Government Act 1995, a copy of the Council’s Policy for attendance at events by Elected Members & the Chief Executive Officer, can be found in the Council Policy Manual - Policy Number 1.15.