Shire of Narrogin Volunteer Bush Fire Fighters 

Thinking of Becoming a Volunteer Fire Fighter?

Being a member of a Bush Fire Brigade is not just about going and putting fires out, or putting the wet stuff on the red stuff, so to speak. Community members who do not want to be on the front line, fighting the fire, can be members who provide support in other areas such as:

  • Maintaining the fire stations grounds (ie fences, gardens lawns and general maintenance),
  • Maintaining brigade equipment, making sure they are serviceable, clean and working,
  • Undertaking the role of Administrator,
  • Undertaking the role of Treasurer,
  • Fulfilling roles within the Incident Support Group,
  • Providing transport for fire fighters and/ or equipment,
  • Being involved in communications during fires, such as being a radio operator, phoning around for extra crews or equipment, or writing down what is happening at the incident,
  • Fundraising for equipment and gear to assist others,
  • Catering for fire crews.

Current Brigades

The Shire of Narrogin currently operates 5 Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades:

  • Highbury
  • Minigin 
  • Central 
  • Nomans Lake 
  • Ockley 

Click here to view a map of the localities of each brigade.

Composition of Bush Fire Brigade

Each Brigade is made up of:

  • Fire Control Officer(s)
  • Captain
  • Fire Control Officer/Captain
  • Crew Leader/Senior Fire Fighter
  • Lieutenants
  • Permit Issuing Officer
  • Training Officer
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Active Fire Fighting Members
  • Auxiliary Members

Details of each position can be found in the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Manual, together with the latest approved Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Operating Procedures (BOP's) and the Bush Fire Brigade Reference Handbook for the current season.

Objects of Bush Fire Brigades

The objects of the Bush Fire Brigade are to carry out:

  • The normal Brigade activities.
  • The functions of the Bush Fire Brigade specified in the Bush Fire Act 1954 and the Shire of Narrogin’s Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Manual.

Management of Bush Fire Brigade

The committee of the Bush Fire Brigade is to have the following functions:

  • Recommend to the Local Government amendments to this Manual.
  • Propose a motion for consideration at any meeting of the Bush Fire Brigade.
  • Recommend to the Local Government equipment needs to be supplied by the Local Government to the Bush Fire Brigades.

Additional Resouces

Become a Volunteer 

If we have excited you to now want to join one of the above Brigades and have read up about what it entails through reading the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Manual and above resources, sign up here.