Changing Places – Narrogin   


What is a Changing Place?

A Changing Place facility is a public toilet that is secure, clean and specifically designed for people who need space and assistance to manage their bathroom needs while in the community. It includes an adult sized, height adjustable change table, ceiling hoist, peninsular toilet and space for two people to assist the person using the Changing Place. Open the following links for additional information.

Location of Shire of Narrogin’s Changing Place

Gnarojin Park

Changing Places Locations

Changing Places can be located on the Changing Places website:

How to gain access to a Changing Place

Changing Places are locked using a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK). The key keeps the Changing Places network secure, safe and reserved for people who need them. An MLAK is made available for WA Companion Card holders free of charge.   This arrangement will remain in place until the WA State government has distributed all available keys.  

An order form for a free MLAK was included in the WA Companion Card Newsletter, Issue 9, 2018. If you did not receive this newsletter or have not taken up the offer for a fee key please contact National Disability Services on 9242 5544 or email:

If your companion card has been card stolen, lost or damaged you can request a replacement by phoning 1800 617 337 or emailing: If you have any questions regarding the Companion Card please use the same contact details.

 Companion Card holders are encouraged to accept this offer if they need at least one of the following to use the bathroom: 

  • A hoist
  • An adult-size change table
  • Room for two people to assist

Some people with disability may already have an MALAK as it is the same key that is used to lock/unlock Liberty Swings. 

Disability sector organisations and other eligible parties can purchase MLAKs through the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia.  Additional information on purchasing an MLAK is available here:  and this website link can assist you to find your nearest local Master Locksmith: 

Local Access: Additional Information

When you hold an MLAK key you have 24 hour access to the Shire of Narrogin’s facility.

An ACROD parking bay is located in the car park immediately adjacent to the facility.

The facility is wheelchair accessible via a ramp from the car park.

This Changing Place contains the following equipment:

A  Prism Medical hoist. Model C-450. Please see photograph below.

 The hoist crossbar is a Waverley Glen System and Waverley Glen System approved slings are suitable for the hoist. A photograph of this hoist crossbar is immediately below.


  • An adult sized, height adjustable change table: Astor Bannerman, model Nivano CTe. See a photograph of this table below.



Slings (disposable or otherwise) are not provided in Changing Places. 

If you are unsure about your sling’s compatibility with the hoist provided in this Changing Place, please contact the supplier, manufacturer or prescribing therapist, or call the Independent Living Centres Advisory Service on 1300 885 886 for advice. 

Ceiling Hoist Operating Instructions

Download Ceiling Hoist Operating Instructions here 

Change Table Operating Instructions

Download Change Table Operating Instructions here 

Contact information

If you are wanting to use the Shire of Narrogin facilities and have arrived without your key please or if you find the Shire’s Changing Place unclean or the equipment is not working, please contact:

Tabitha Nicholls Technical Officer, Development & Regulatory Services at the Shire of Narrogin on 9890 0900 (business hours only) or visit the administration building at 89 Earl Street Narrogin.

 If there is an emergency whilst using the Changing Place, please contact our Ranger Services: 

0448 873 207 or 0455 324 862.