Dumping of Litter

Illegal dumping is a particular type of littering where people go out of their way to dump their rubbish.

It can include unwanted rubbish dumped on streets, in parks or on building site bins or tossing used furniture or other items on vacant land or into the bush.

More serious illegal dumping occurs where people fill up trailers and trucks with all sorts of items and materials and dump them in an area where they think they will not be seen such as National Parks, bush land reserves or parks.

This is a very negative and harmful practice and shows disregard for Narrogin's natural environment. There is no excuse for this type of dumping when there are existing waste services available.

Litter can take many forms:

  • General litter thrown from a moving vehicle or by pedestrians
  • Building rubbish, household rubbish or green waste placed on street verges
  • Placing advertising materials on vehicle windscreens
  • Dumped shopping trolleys
  • Improperly disposing of used syringes
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Broken glass
  • Cigarette butts

Hazardous Litter

Litter that creates a public risk will incur a higher penalty due to the potential danger.

Examples include (but not limited to) are: Asbestos, batteries, poisons/chemicals, lit cigarettes, fridges or freezers with doors attached and syringes or drug paraphernalia.

Reporting of Dumped Litter

Litter which has been dumped on private property is the sole responsibility of the property owner. The property owner has the option of referring their complaint to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council (KABC).

For litter which has been dumped on public land, please contact the Ranger or Shire Office who will attend and investigate.  You can also report a littering problem online.

Keep Australia Beautiful Council Help keep WA litter free.


Under the Litter Act 1979, illegal dumping can attract an infringement notice of $200 or up to thousands of dollars if taken to court.

The Ranger can issue infringements for littering under the Act.

Litter Act 1979