General Planning

The Shire of Narrogin’s Development and Regulatory Department is responsible for the coordination and control of town planning within the Shire of Narrogin.

Through the administration of the former Town of Narrogin and former Shire of Narrogin Town Planning Schemes land uses and development is controlled according to the land-use zoning prescribed by the town planning schemes. To find out the land use zoning of your property you can contact the Shire of Narrogin on 9890 0900.

The land-use zoning prescribes minimum development standards as well as land-uses that may be permissible for that property according to the given zoning.

To find out if your development application requires an application for planning consent you can contact the Shire on 9890 0900.

The application for planning consent as well as the Town Planning Schemes can be found below.

Application for Planning Consent

Former Town of Narrogin Town Planning Scheme

Former Shire of Narrogin Local Planning Scheme

The former Town of Narrogin Town Planning Scheme and former Shire of Narrogin Local Planning Scheme are in the process of being consolidated to Shire of Narrogin Town Planning Scheme No.3.