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Due to the Water Corporations changes to stand pipe water supply charges, there will be changes to the way the Shires standpipes are used and the cost of standpipe water from the commercial standpipe.

 As of 1 July 2019, there will be one commercial stand pipe available to purchase water from in the Shire of Narrogin. This stand pipe is located on Highbury West Road near the junction of Chomley Road in Highbury.

 The commercial stand pipe has a simple electronic controller installed and will require a pre-paid swipe card to operate it to access and purchase water. These cards are available for sale from the Shire’s Administration Office. Credit for the cards can be purchased over the counter at the time of purchase or by calling the administration office on 9890 0900 and providing your credit card details. When the swipe card is used at the commercial stand pipe, the amount of water purchased will automatically have funds debited against your commercial stand pipe account.  Please see the Fees and Charges for the cost per kilolitre of water (1000 litres).

Should you require further information or clarification then please contact the Executive Manager Technical and Rural Services on 9890 0900. 

Further Information on the Changes to the use of Standpipes

Frequently Asked Questions

 Further information on Fixed Standpipes is available  from the Water Corporation website:


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