Local Government Elections

About Local Government Elections

Local Government ordinary elections are held on the third Saturday in October every two years.  

Elected Members are elected for terms of four years in Western Australia. Elections are held every two years for half of the council, and candidates are elected using the first-past-the-post voting system. If a vacancy occurs within a term, an extraordinary election is held. See the Elected Members page for current terms.

The Electoral Commissioner is responsible for conducting all local government postal elections in Western Australia and can also conduct voting in person elections on request under the Local Government Act 1995. By making the Electoral Commissioner responsible for these elections, the local governments concerned ensure that elections are conducted independently and with impartiality.

Postal elections are more convenient for many electors and typically result in a higher rate of voter participation than in person ballots.

Information is also available on the WAEC website.

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Elections Timetable

Check here for the current year's Local Government election Postal voting timeline.

Stand for Council

If you want to make a difference in your community and have a say in local decision-making, then consider standing for election as a local government Councillor.

There are many reasons why people stand for council. The sense of satisfaction from serving the community, increased knowledge about the operation of government, improved confidence in public speaking and the chance to play an important role in the changes occurring within the community.

Elections are held in October every two years, with members elected for a 4 year term. The Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC) conducts the election.

Candidates wishing to find out more about Local Government elections, and nominate themselves as a candidate, will find the information for candidates on the WAEC’s website very informative and easy to follow.

Information about becoming a Councillor is available of the Department for Local Government Sport & Cultural Industries’ website. At this website there are also a number of easily downloadable Fact Sheets to help you understand the role. Click Here

Or feel free to contact the Shire of Narrogin Chief Executive Officer on 9890 0900.


On 9 August 2018, a proclamation was published in the Government Gazette, that new provisions are now in force.  These provisions require that any person wishing to stand for Council at the October election is required to have undertaken mandatory induction.  Unless the training has been satisfactorily completed, the Returning Officer (appointed by the WA Electoral Commissioner) is required to reject the nominations.

Details are on the Department of Local Government, Sporting and Cultural Industries website.  At the end of the induction, there is a registration form to be completed, printed and given to the Returning Officer when submitting a candidate nomination.

Allow 15-30 minutes to complete the activity.

Click here to complete the local government candidate induction