Fruit Fly

Fruit flies have been a problem for fruit growers in WA, both commercial and home gardeners. The Western Australian Government claims to have eliminated Q-fly (Queensland Fruit Fly) in WA, however Med-Fly (Mediterranean Fruit Fly) is still a pest of concern.

 The Shire of Narrogin has produced a range of fact sheets for reference purposes. The information in the fact sheets provides residents with information on how to manage fruit flies and the land where fruiting trees are grown. The fact sheets also provide information on fruit fly traps and how to make your own trap, together with recipes for the attractant (bait) in the trap. 

Fruit Fly traps are available for collection from the Narrogin Men's Shed on Monday, Thursday and Saturdays 9am - 12noon.

 These fact sheets have been produced drawing on information provided on the DPIRD (Department of Primary Industry and Regional Development) website.

Any enquiries regarding fruit fly should be directed to that department by phone on 1300 374 731 or by email:

Fact sheets on the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Medfly)

Fruit Fly Bait Flyer

Fact Sheet 1 - Control options for backyards

Fact Sheet 2 - Host Plants

Fact Sheet 3 - Mediterranean fruit fly identification

Fact Sheet 4 - Queensland Fruit Fly