Rural Property Addressing

Rural Property Address Numbers are a national standard applied across Australia for rural addressing.

The standard uses a distance based system allocated in a sequence based on how far your driveways is from a nominated start of the road. Your rural property address number is therefore measured from the start of the road to the middle of your property entrance. Odd rural property address numbers are applied to the left and even rural property address numbers are applied to the right.

If a property is allocated a rural property address number of 327, it’s on the left side and three-point-two-seven kilometres from the start of the road.

rural property address number is allocated to every land parcel with a substantial building on the property, including all outbuildings and residential dwellings. The rural property address number is to replace previous RMB and Lot numbers however, it does not change any legal lot number.

Once the rural road number is determined for your property Shire of Narrogin’s officers notify Landgate to include the rural property address in the State Addresses database.

If there are two entrances to separate buildings on a property each of them are allocated a rural property address number. This helps to identify an entrance to a property for emergency services and ease of locating rural properties.

If you haven’t been assigned a rural property address number, or think you require one please contact the Shire of Narrogin’s Planning Department on
9890 0900 or visit the Shire of Narrogin Administration Offices at 89 Earl Street, Narrogin.