Outbuildings are non-habitable structures such as garages, sheds, pergolas, patios and all other outbuilding structures. Outbuildings within ‘Single Residential’ and ‘Other Residential’ zoned land within the former Town of Narrogin are granted planning approval, provided they are appurtenant to a dwelling, all boundary setbacks and building separation requirements are complied with, it is of single storey construction and the proposed development complies with the following:

  • Non-masonry construction does not exceed 55m2 & total outbuilding area does not exceed 75m2.
  • Masonry construction where the total outbuilding area does not exceed 75m2 and no parapet wall is greater than 8.0 metres.
  • Wall height of any outbuilding does not exceed 3.0 metres in height and in the case of a gable roof does not exceed 4.0 metres.
  • Prior to considering a parapet wall construction on any boundary, a written agreement will be required by any affected landowner
  • No planning consent will be granted, for any outbuildings, on any residential zoned lot which does not contain a residence.
  • The applicant is to provide a written undertaking that the outbuilding constructed will only be used for purpose permitted within the zone in which it is located.

Any variations to the above requirements, size requirements or setbacks would be subject to an application for planning consent and approval for that outbuilding.

Boundary Setbacks:

Brick Construction –

  • Side - 1.0 metres from side boundaries, with eaves no closer than 0.5 metres to side boundaries.
  • Rear – As per appropriate zone within the Development Table

Metal/Wood Construction –

  • Side & Rear – 1.0 metre from all side and rear boundaries
  • 1.0 metre clear of the dwelling
  • 1.8 metres clear of any leach drains
  • 1.2 metres from any on-site septic tanks.

It is recommended that the Shire of Narrogin’s Planning Department is contacted to determine if your outbuilding requires planning approval and to determine the permissibility of your proposal on your property.

Can I build a shed before a house?

The construction of an outbuilding on vacant ‘Single Residential’ and ‘Other Residential’ zoned land is not be permitted without the prior approval/issue of a building permit for the residence. It would therefore not be permissible to assess an application for an outbuilding without the prior consideration of a dwelling.

Can I live in my shed? Can I live in my shed temporarily while I build my house?

Habitation of an outbuilding is not permitted. Unless, both building and planning approvals for both the shed and dwelling have been granted. The outbuilding could then be temporarily inhabited prior to the construction of the dwelling, provided the relevant approval for the dwelling had been issued. The Shire of Narrogin would require the relevant justifications from the applicant to demonstrate the temporary nature of inhabiting the outbuilding. Once construction of the dwelling is complete the habitation of the outbuilding would be required to cease immediately.