Exercising your Dog

In urban areas, your dog must always be on a leash in public, except at designated dog exercise areas.


As the owner, you can be given an on-the-spot fine of $200 for not having your dog on a leash or for allowing it to roam.

If the matter goes to court, the penalty could be up to $5000.

Dog exercise areas

In designated off leash dog exercise areas, dog owners should still carry a leash at all times, and ensure the dog remains in reasonable proximity.

 Click here for Dog Exercise Areas

Dangerous dogs

If a local government declares your dog a “dangerous dog” or it is a restricted breed, then it must be kept on a leash, muzzled and wearing a red and yellow hazard collar in public places at all times even if it is in a dog exercise area.

Dog excreta

When exercising your dog in a public place, you should always clean up after it.

Most local governments have local laws that require the person in charge of a dog in a public place to remove their dog’s excreta and dispose of it.

There are penalties for not doing so, a $200 infringement will be issued. Some local governments provide “plastic poo bags” and animal waste bins so that you can keep the environment clean for the enjoyment of others.

Dog excreta in the garden should also be removed daily to reduce fly and health related problems.