Subdivision and Amalgamations


Subdivision and amalgamation applications are determined by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). Upon receiving an application for subdivision or amalgamation the WAPC refer the application to various authorities for comment. Referral agencies include government departments, services providers and the responsible local government for their comment. Once an application is referred to the Shire of Narrogin for their comment they have 42 days to provide their recommendation to either:

  1. Approval (With or without conditions)
  2. Refusal (With Reason)
  3. Deferral (more information required)

The Western Australian Planning Commission have 90 days to determine an application for subdivision or amalgamation. If the Western Australian Planning Commission determine to approve a subdivision it is generally done so with conditions. The conditions of approval are required to be fulfilled and satisfied to clear the condition from the subdivision approval. A condition imposed on the approval will have the responsible clearing agency listed at the end of the condition. Once the necessary works are complete to clear the condition the applicant can request the responsible agency to clear the condition. Conditions the Shire of Narrogin are the responsible clearing agency for, incur a fee. These fees can be found under the fees and charges of the adopted annual budget.

The responsible agency can then clear the condition and notify the Western Australian Planning Commission they are satisfied the required works have been undertaken to clear the condition.  Once all conditions of the subdivision are complete, the titles for the new lots can be requested to Landgate. Landgate will then request the Shire of Narrogin to provide street or rural addresses for the properties.

Shire of Narrogin’s Role

The first step for possible subdivision or amalgamation is determining if your property is the right shape and size for possible subdivision or amalgamation.

All properties within the Shire of Narrogin have land use zonings. Each land use zoning has development standards required by that zoning, including minimum lot area and minimum street frontages. Properties with the potential to be subdivided are therefore required to be twice the size of the minimum lot area and twice the minimum frontage to have the potential to be subdivide. To find out if your property has the potential to be subdivided contact The Shire of Narrogin on 9890 0900 and speaking to the Planning Department.

What does the Shire Consider?

When the Shire of Narrogin is providing comment to the Western Australian Planning Commission it considers the size and shape of the land, access and egress to the lots, management of drainage, retention of any buildings, amenity of the surrounding area and environmental considerations such as protection of vegetation and waterways. Other factors such as bushfire prone areas, fencing, and distance of existing building to the new boundaries are also considered throughout the application.   

Where do I find an application form to Subdivide my property?

Once you are satisfied your property has the potential and is suitable for subdivision you can contact the Western Australian Planning Commission on (08) 6551 9038 or download an application form from