Shire of Narrogin 2021/22 Budget Adopted

Published on Friday, 3 September 2021 at 6:11:00 PM


The Shire of Narrogin’s 2021/22 Budget was handed down on the 25 August 2021. 

In adopting the Budget, Shire President Leigh Ballard explained some of the significant issues presented at the workshops, and projects included in this year's budget and noted that  “COVID-19 continues to have dramatic impact on communities. The positive of this situation is that Federal and State Government continue to provide stimulus packages”. 

 “The Budget has been prepared with a rate increase of 2.5%, demonstrating Council’s commitment to keeping increases low, noting that for 2021/22 no increase was levied”. 

“It should be noted however that for the former Shire ratepayers, there is an additional “Parity” increase, as per the merger Memorandum of Understanding, which has a further 4 years to run”. 

In the Shire’s Budget for 2020/21, funding was provided by the Council for the complete renovation on the Narrogin Railway station. This year work continues, with fit out to be undertaken this financial year to assist relocate the operations of the Dryandra Country Visitor Centre.

In the adopted Budget, additional funding from the Commonwealth’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCIP) will be used to expand the Narrogin Cemetery and undertake improvements to the Narrogin Caravan Park. 

Other Council major projects planned for the year include the reconstruction of the Smith Street toilets, LED lighting of the hockey stadium, relocation of activities of Jessie House and Black Spot road improvements. 

President Ballard added “The Council looks forward to another year in advocating for and investing in our infrastructure, our roads and other assets, and to further the work underway in restoring confidence in the housing and retail sector and the CBD”. 

The Budget was developed following several workshops, attended by Elected Members and senior staff of the Shire, to consider the funding priorities for the coming 12 months. In considering the priorities, Council aligns its decisions with the Strategic Community Plan and its Long Term Financial Plan.  

Copies of the Annual Budget are available from the Shire’s website at the following link: with highlights below:

·         Relocation of Home and Community Care Facility


·         Construction of new Smith Street Ablution Facility


·         Expansion of Narrogin Cemetery, adding 80 traditional graves and 120 graves in a new lawn area


·         Narrogin Town Hall works including fire panel replacement, parapet wall capping and stage rigging


·         Narrogin Leisure Centre projects, including purchase of a building management system, and provision for repairs to pool liner, pool filter and boiler


·         Walk Cycle and Mountain Bike Trails Projects (subject to grant)


·         May Street Stormwater Catchment Dam (subject to grant)


·         Narrogin Railway Station – Completion of project


·         Fit out of Railway Station Building


·         Repairs and Restoration of ANZAC War Memorial


·         Museum Restoration as per Conservation Report


·         Subsidy to ARtS Narrogin


·         Subsidy to Dryandra Country Visitor Centre


·         Roadworks – Roads to Recovery


·         Roadworks – Regional Road Group


·         Black Spot Program – Improve geometry of S-bend Tarwonga Road


·         Extending the seal on Narrogin Valley Road by another 1km


·         Narrogin Airport – Construction of patient transfer facility and sealing of facility apron


·         Footpath Construction – Ensign Street, Narrogin and in Wilbur Park, Highbury 


·         Caravan Park – refurbishment project


·         Plant Purchases


·         Community Chest Rounds 1 & 2 and community carryovers


Approved by:

Dale Stewart
Chief Executive Officer


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