Media Release - Shire of Narrogin Receives Grant for Narrogin to Williams Rail Trail Feasibility Study

Published on Tuesday, 28 May 2024 at 8:12:50 AM


Shire of Narrogin Receives Grant for Narrogin to Williams Rail Trail Feasibility Study

The Shire of Narrogin and the Shire of Williams are pleased to announce a joint effort to explore the potential for a rail trail connecting Narrogin to Williams. Through successful funding from the 2023-24 Community Trail Planning Grants Program, the Shire of Narrogin have secured $9,715 to initiate the Narrogin to Williams Rail Trail Feasibility Study.

With an estimated total project cost of $29,430, funding will be jointly contributed, with support from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC), the Shire of Williams, and the Shire of Narrogin. This collaborative approach reflects our commitment to transparent and inclusive decision-making.

"We're excited about the possibilities that a rail trail could bring to our communities," said Leigh Ballard, Shire President of Narrogin. "This feasibility study marks the beginning of a journey to explore how we can enhance tourism and recreational opportunities while respecting the concerns and interests of all stakeholders and adjoining landowners involved."

"The collaboration between our Shires demonstrates our shared commitment to exploring innovative projects that benefit our residents and visitors," noted Jarrad Logie, Shire President of Williams. "We look forward to engaging with the communities and adjoining landowners to ensure that their voices are heard throughout this process."

The feasibility study, led by Mike Maher, Director of Transplan Pty Ltd, aims to assess the viability and potential impacts of developing a rail trail along the disused railway reserve between Narrogin and Williams. Mr. Maher brings extensive knowledge and experience in rail trail planning, ensuring a comprehensive and informed approach to the study.

Both Shire President’s stated that they recognise the importance of community input in shaping the future of this project. Once consultation kicks off in earnest, landowners adjoining, residents, local cyclists, walkers, and visitors will be invited to share their feedback and suggestions to ensure that the trail development aligns with community needs and aspirations.

The rail trail project presents an opportunity to enhance recreational and tourism opportunities and celebrate both the natural beauty as well as cultural heritage, particularly that of rail, for of our region. Shire President Ballard added, “When connected to existing trail and tourism experiences, including the recently refurbished historical Narrogin Railway Station, Foxes Lair and other bike and heritage trails, the rail trail has the potential to further enrich our communities”.

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