Media Release - Shire of Narrogin Adopts Budget for Fiscal Year 2023/24

Published on Friday, 28 July 2023 at 2:58:00 PM

Media Release

Shire of Narrogin Adopts Budget for Fiscal Year 2023/24

The Shire of Narrogin is pleased to announce the adoption of the 2023/24 Annual Budget for the year ending 30 June 2024. The Budget, as prepared, aligns with the Council's strategies and maintains a high level of service across all programs, with a particular focus on road and associated infrastructure improvement, asset renewal, and sustainability.

Shire President Mr Leigh Ballard emphasised the importance of the budget in delivering essential services and enhancing the well-being of the community. "The 2023/24 Annual Budget is a testament to our commitment to providing efficient and effective services to our growing community," stated Mr Ballard. "We have carefully balanced the budget to meet statutory obligations and requirements, while addressing the economic challenges faced by our local government, such as rising construction costs and other cost pressures resulting from global supply chain disruptions and legacy COVID-19 impacts."

Significant capital expenditure projects amounting to $16.6 million, aimed at enhancing infrastructure and community facilities, have been included. Some notable projects in the 2023/24 Annual Budget include:

Construction of SES & BFB Joint Facilities (subject to State support) $6.8M;

  • Purchase of SES Incident Control Vehicle $881k;
  • Purchase of SES General Rescue Vehicle $110k;
  • Relocation of Homecare Services $868k;
  • Construction of a Tip Shop at the Narrogin Waste & Recycling Facility $50k;
  • Cemetery Records Digitisation Project & Software 25k;
  • Narrogin Town Hall Improvements $110k;
  • Construction of a Music & Entertainment Sound Shell at Alby Park $90k;
  • Recreation Centre Upgrade Works $411k;
  • Purchase of Homecare Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle $105k;
  • Thomas Hogg Sewerage & Ablutions Upgrade $35k;
  • Shelter over BBQ at Wilbur Park (Highbury) $10k;
  • Gnarojin Skatepark BBQ Area (Amenities) $10k;
  • RW (Bob) Farr Memorial Library Building Extension $390k;
  • Public Art Strategy Projects $25k;
  • Painting of XA Class Train $5k;
  • Construction of Airport Stormwater Harvesting Dam $113k;
  • Reseal & resheet of various roads $1M;
  • Whinbin Rock Road Seal 6km $1M;
  • Wandering Road Reconstruction & Widening 3 km $757k;
  • Blackspot Tarwonga Road 500m Curve realignment $165k;
  • Plant Purchases - various $897k;
  • Footpath Construction (Ensign & Dalglish Streets) $58k;
  • Bridge Conversion Manaring Rd $275k;
  • Bridge Repairs Whinbin Rock Rd $588k;
  • Completion of and fit out of 3 new Chalets at the Narrogin Caravan Park $297k;
  • Westpac Bank Building Roof Replacement $65k;
  • Heritage Goods Sheds Roof and Wall Restoration $283k;and
  • Lions Park Upgrade with accessibility swing $62k.

An important feature of this Budget is the focus on efficiency gains and service improvements. The Shire aims to reduce costs and streamline processes while increasing productivity. Initiatives include staff reviews, disposal of under-utilised assets, digital solutions, and encouraging innovation.

The Budget also considers key operational impacts from the previous year, such as increased construction costs, cost of living pressures, wage increases, and other inflationary factors.

The increase in rates for famers for the unimproved property owners will be on average only $174 per property for the year, slightly higher than inflation, due to the merger agreement parity phase in factor. The increase in rates and refuse charges combined for the average township property in Narrogin is 4.5% or $111 per property, representing an increase of only $2.15 per week and well below the inflation figures for Perth to the end of March.

The Budget has been formulated to achieve a balanced financial position while considering economic constraints and cost pressures faced by the Shire.

The Shire of Narrogin conducted extensive consultation with various stakeholders, including Elected Members, the Executive Leadership Team, Management Leadership Team, and employees from relevant functional areas. Feedback and input from the community and sporting organisations played a crucial role in shaping the budget priorities and allocations. Importantly the Budget includes over $700,000 in direct or indirect subsidies, contributions and grants to community and sporting organisations,

Mr Ballard added “The Budget demonstrates the Council’s commitment to delivering efficient services and essential infrastructure to the community and will be instrumental in meeting the needs of a growing population and ensuring the overall well-being of residents as it responds to growth pressures associated with several large renewable energy projects, presenting the Council and community with both opportunities and challenges”. “The support of a number of grants from the Commonwealth and State Government is also acknowledged in bringing down the 23/24 Budget and underpinning many of the capital and road projects”.

For more information on the budget and its allocation, please visit the Shire of Narrogin's website at .

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