Adoption of 2022/23 Annual Budget

Published on Thursday, 11 August 2022 at 4:35:59 PM



The Shire of Narrogin’s 2022/23 Budget was handed down on the 27 July 2022.

In adopting the Budget, Shire President Leigh Ballard explained some of the significant issues presented at the workshops, and projects included in this year's budget and noted that  “COVID-19 continues to have dramatic impact on communities. The positive of this situation is that Federal and State Government continue to provide stimulus packages”.

Mr Ballard added:

“The Budget has been prepared with a rate increase of 4.99%, demonstrating Council’s commitment to keeping increases low, noting that for 2021/22, a minor 2.5% increase was levied, and the previous year, no increase”.

“It should be noted however that for the former Shire ratepayers, there is an additional “Parity” increase, as per the merger Memorandum of Understanding, which has a further 3 years to run”.

In explaining the apparent significant jump in rates, Mr Ballard provided the following responses:

“The year gone has seen unprecedented increases in some of the Shire’s largest costs. We build and maintain roads as one of our primary expenditure areas. Diesel in our trucks and as the base of all bituminous products, for all of our seals and reseals, has seen an increase in our costs of 50% - diesel from $1.30 to over $2, for example. Our energy costs in heating the aquatics at the Narrogin Regional Leisure Centre, have increased by similar in the last year. Keeping rates increases to only 4.99%, means we have had to cut our cloth accordingly, as we knew we couldn’t pass on these costs to our ratepayers, who are faced with cost of living pressures across the board, like we are”.

 In the Shire’s Budget for 2021/22, funding was provided by the Council for the complete renovation on the heritage listed Narrogin Railway Station. This year, work continues, with fit out to be undertaken at an estimated cost of $75,000, to assist relocate the operations of the Visitor Centre.

 Funding from the Commonwealth Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCIP) will be used to expand the Narrogin Library ($400k), restoration of the category ‘A’ heritage listed Goods Shed ($300k), construction of eco toilets at Railway Dam ($53k) and court resurfacing and lighting improvements at the Narrogin Tennis Club, in conjunction with that Club ($210k).

 President Ballard added “The Council looks forward to another year in advocating for and investing in our infrastructure, our roads and other assets, and to further the work underway in restoring confidence in the housing and retail sector and the CBD”.

 The Budget was developed following several workshops, attended by Elected Members and senior staff of the Shire, to consider the funding priorities for the coming 12 months. In considering the priorities, Council aligns its decisions with the Strategic Community Plan and its Long Term Financial Plan.  

Copies of the Annual Budget are available from the Shire’s website at the following link: with highlights below:

Additional Public CCTV Cameras Installation (subject to grant)                                     $200,000

Provision of accessible toilets at Thomas Hogg Oval & demolition of former ones    $  70,000

Narrogin Town Hall works including Stage rigging                                                            $130,000

Narrogin Tennis Club – surfaces and lighting upgrade                                                    $210,015

Construction of Railway Dam Eco Toilets                                                                           $  53,817

Football & Cricket Clayton Oval lighting upgrade (subject to grant)                               $243,000

Walk Cycle & Mountain Bike Trails Projects                                                                        $138,854

Recycling Shed – “Tip Shop” (subject to grant)                                                                  $  50,000

Library Expansion Project Planning                                                                                      $400,000

Narrogin Railway Station Restoration – Completion                                                         $100,000

Fit out of Railway Station Building                                                                                        $  75,000

Museum Restoration as per Conservation Report                                                             $  45,355

Public Art Projects identified by Townscape Committee                                                 $  45,455

Goods Shed Restoration (Roof and Walls)                                                                         $300,000

Highbury Park – Play equipment & accessible table                                                        $  57,000

Bituminous Reseal various roads                                                                                         $412,500

McKenzie Road – New seal over gravel                                                                              $424,275

Wanerie Road (Rehab)                                                                                                            $163,492

Normans Lake Siding Road                                                                                                   $244,797

Narrogin Valley Road - New Seal over gravel (2km)                                                          $237,477

Gordon Street – Stabilising                                                                                                   $  59,329

Manaring Road – Resheet                                                                                                     $182,329

Pethybridge Road - Resheet                                                                                                  $103,337

Narrogin Airport – Sealing of gravel runway                                                                      $201,390

Footpath Construction (Burns Street and Doney Street)                                                  $  51,000

Caravan Park upgrades (Ablutions and Kitchen)                                                               $  45,000

Caravan Park – Construction of 3 Chalets                                                                         $450,000


Attachment: Budget Snapshot


Approved by:

Dale Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

 Shire of Narrogin

PO Box 1145

Narrogin WA 6312


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