Eastern States Bushfire Donations: How You Can Help.

Published: Monday, 6 January 2020 at 10:04:46 AM

If anyone would like to donate / support rescue efforts here are a few links to organisations:


CURRENT INFO ON THE BUSHFIRES (Source Perth Now as at 3/1)
and a link at the end to see how you can help



16 people dead, one missing
More than 140 bushfires burning
3.6 million hectares burned, greater than the size of Belgium
1365 homes confirmed destroyed


Two people dead, 28 missing
About 50 bushfires burning
More than 780,000 hectares burned
68 structures confirmed destroyed but this number is expected to rise significantly


One person dead
About 17 bushfires burning, four of significance
More than 100,000 hectares burned
88 homes confirmed destroyed


About 33 bushfires burning
250,000 hectares burned
45 homes confirmed destroyed


More than 35 bushfires burning, two of significance
1.5 million hectares burned
One home confirmed destroyed


More than 23 bushfires burning, two of significance
8000 hectares burned
Two homes confirmed destroyed


Five bushfires burning
Five homes confirmed destroyed
A bushfire burns near Nowa Nowa general store.

If anyone would like to donate/ support rescue efforts here are a few links to organisations:

  1. The RSPCA bushfire appeal is used to protect the pets, livestock and wildlife affected by bushfires, helping evacuate animals from disaster zones. Items like livestock pellets and possum boxes are also incredibly handy.
  2. The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital has already raised in excess of $2 million to help search for and protect the koalas in the region. You can donate at its GoFundMe page.

      3 Australia's Red Cross Disaster relief and recovery fund helps support evacuation centers and recovery programs for the affected communities

  1. The NSW Rural Fire Service has a donation page to support the firefighting efforts in New South Wales
  2. The Country Fire Authority is the state of Victoria's rural firefighting service and you can donate directly here
  3. The Salvation Army has a disaster appeal donations page set up to deliver support to local communities affected by the blazes.
  4. Foodbank is taking donations to help people in need during the crisis. You can donate at its website to the Victorian relief effort, which helps get relief for communities cut off from power and food.
  5. Wires is an Australia wildlife rescue organization with a myriad ways to help Australia's native fauna. Donations can be made through its website.

See link with info on how to help



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