A "Spine Tingler" of an Australia Day

Published: Tuesday, 28 January 2020 at 3:28:09 PM

Media Release - Australia Day 2020

It was another well attended Australia Day Event in Narrogin at its Town Hall on Sunday. The Shire celebrated Australia Day by holding its, now famous, Big Community Breakfast. Much of the menu was donated by local businesses and cooked and served by amazing volunteers from the Narrogin Rotary and Lions Clubs and the Upper Great Southern Hockey Association.

The 2020 Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards were presented to this year’s most worthy winners by Shire President, Leigh Ballard. Leigh Ballard said “The Shire received seven nominations for this year’s Australia day awards across 3 award categories”. The Citizen of the Year Award was presented to Ann Kulker who is a recognised volunteer and a devotee to swimming and netball. Citizen of the Year (Senior) was awarded to Deborah Hughes-Owen, another outstanding community volunteer, particularly in the growth of the region’s Tourism and Arts.  The Active Citizenship (Group or Event) was awarded to Sarah Brindley for the Narrogin Blanket Distribution Project.

An unprecedented number of fourteen new Narrogin Aussies pledged their allegiance to Australia. Congratulations and applause filled the hall as the community warmly welcomed members of Asuncion, Santa Ana and Van der Reit families as Narrogin’s newest Australian citizens.

The celebration was a happy one lead by MC Dave Harrison with entertainment provided by the Narrogin Primary School students and Bush Poet, Frank Heffernan.

The Shire provided the community with the opportunity to donate to the Bush Fire cause and contributions were gratefully received.

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Ann Kulker - Citizen of the Year Deb Hughes Owen - Citizen of the Year (Senior) Sarah Brindley - Active citizenship (Group/Event)
Ann Kulker - Citizen of the Year with Peter Rundle MLA and Leigh Ballard - Shire President Deborah Hughes-Owen - Citizen of the Year (Senior) with Peter Rundle MLA and Leigh Ballard - Shire President Sarah Brindley - Active Citizenship with Peter Rundle MLA and Leigh Ballard - Shire President
Picture of New Australian Citizens
Our 14 new Australian Citizens Photos Courtesy of Narrogin Observer.

Please enjoy this video (and watch all of it if you can for a heart-warming finish).  Singing "We are Australian" is members of the Narrogin Primary School Choir and two of the new Australian Citizens.

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