Harvest And Movement Of Vehicle Bans

During the summer months, the Shire of Narrogin has the authority to impose a Harvest Ban and/or a Ban on the Movement of Vehicles in Paddocks and the Use of Internal Combustion Engines.

The Council has a Fire Weather Committee, that imposes the Bans, which take into account factors such as temperature, wind speed, humidity etc.

A Ban can effect the whole Shire or a particular section. To see whether the Shire has a Ban in place, please use the Ban Information Service on 9881 4988 which has a recorded message that is updated immediately after a Ban has been placed or removed.

We also have a Harvest Ban SMS service in place.  If you would like an SMS to be sent to your mobile phone when a Harvest Ban has been imposed please contact the Shire Office on 9890 0900 and leave your name and mobile number and we will include you in this service. 

Reminder:  ABC Local Radio handles Harvest and Vehicle Movement Ban information with

four (4) tune-in times to hear harvest bans.  10.05am, 11.05am, 12.35pm and 2.05pm

(1.05pm in the Perth Metro area)