The Narrogin & Dryandra Visitor Centre (NDVC) is owned and run by the Shire of Narrogin with a charter objectives of promoting Narrogin, Dryandra and Districts attractions, products, services and facilities.

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Shire of Narrogin Tourism Services

The NDVC and its predecessor the Dryandra Country Visitor Centre (DCVC) have been effectively promoting Narrogin and Dryandra successfully for over twenty years. Narrogin and District and Dryandra is defined as all that area of land bounded by the Shires of Williams, Cuballing, Narrogin and Wickepin.

The NDVC relies on volunteers support and also the support of local Shires who wish to promote their attractions collaboratively. Currently the NDVC local government membership includes the Shires of Narrogin and Cuballing. The Shire of Narrogin provides an annual performance based operating subsidy ($60,000 in FY 2022/23) to assist with promotion activities.

Shire of Narrogin LG2LG Tourism Services, through the services of the NDVC, can provide:

  • Development and distribution of advertising and promotional collateral
  • Connection to Tourism Operators
  • Access to an accredited Visitor Centre, open 364 days per annum in the Narrogin CBD at the historic Narrogin Railway Station.
  • Promotion at Trade and Tourism


  • Local knowledge
  • Experienced, trained and knowledgeable Coordinator and Volunteers
  • Accredited Visitor Information Centre
  • Open 364 days per year
  • Over 6,000 walk-ins per annum
  • The Narrogin & Dryandra Visitor Centre maintains comprehensive Public Liability and Workers Insurances
  • Fully maintained website

Fees & Charges

  • Call the Coordinator of the NDVC of the Chief Executive Officer of the Shire of Narrogin today, to discuss membership packages for your local government.


  • Shire of Narrogin
  • Shire of Cuballing

Further Information

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