From one off enforcement and compliance tasks such as wandering dog or cat problems, to general inspections and investigations, our friendly and experienced team of Rangers can assist meet your statutory and performance obligations, without fuss and minimal guidance. We can arrange local impounding or impounding at modern facilities in Narrogin.

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Shire of Narrogin LG2LG Law Enforcement Services can provide

  • Wandering dog seizure and fines – one off, random or regular visits;
  • Dangerous dog declarations, dog attack investigations and reports;
  • Cat trapping, rehoming services and microchipping;
  • Dog and Cat Animal Pound Services;
  • Liaison with occupiers and the RSPCA regarding allegations of town site or rural residential animal overstocking rates;
  • Liaison with occupiers and RSPCA regarding allegations of animal cruelty;
  • CBD Parking and Disabled Bay offence inspections;
  • Guidance and compliance activities with respect to abandoned vehicles, firebreak orders and unsightly land;
  • Guidance and compliance activities with various local laws;
  • Other Law Enforcement (Ranger) Services – just ask us!


  • Local knowledge
  • Experienced & qualified officers
  • Located within 90 minutes
  • No on costs – monthly billing
  • Long term rates available 

Fees & Charges

  • Ranger  - $84/hour
  • Vehicle Mileage - $1.50/km.
  • All fees listed are inclusive of GST and are reviewed annually.
  • Council maintains comprehensive Public Liability, Workers Compensation and Professional Indemnity Insurances. 


  • Shire of Cuballing
  • Shire of Narrogin
  • Shire of Wickepin
  • Shire of Williams

Limitations & Exclusions

  • Shire of Narrogin personnel would need to be appropriately authorised to undertake relevant enforcement and regulatory services under your local government’s Local Laws and various State Acts, however we can easily guide you through this process.
  • Shire of Narrogin LG2LG Law Enforcement (Ranger) Services does not currently provide snake handling or capture / release services.

Further Information

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