We are happy to be retained on a fee for service basis, or if you would prefer, a contract of 12 months at a time, if that provides you with some confidence and surety of level of service. The Shire of Narrogin employs two experienced Environmental Health Officers to enable confidence around continuity of service provision.

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Shire of Narrogin LG2LG Environment & Health Services can provide

  • Septic Tank Applications and assessments;
  • S39 Liquor Act Certifications;
  • Neighbourhood and Industrial Noise Control monitoring services;
  • Dust and pollution monitoring and abatement advice;
  • Public nuisance, vermin, mosquito and pest monitoring/abatement advice;
  • Public Building Certifications and advice;
  • Public Health Policy development and education programs;
  • Itinerant & Temporary Food Vans and stalls certification and monitoring;
  • Festivals & Events Public Buildings and Risk Management requirements;
  • Food Premise Inspections and compliance – random and routine;
  • Private Swimming Pool Inspections and compliance;
  • Public Swimming Pool water sampling and advice;
  • Effluent & Sullage treatment facilities and pits advice;
  • Public Health Local Laws advice.


  • Local practical knowledge
  • Experienced & qualified officers
  • Located within 90 minutes
  • No on costs – monthly billing
  • Long term rates available

Fees & Charges

  • Senior EHO - $85/hour
  • EHO - $60/hour
  • Vehicle Mileage - $1.50/km.
  • All fees listed are inclusive of GST and are reviewed annually.
  • Council maintains comprehensive Public Liability, Workers Compensation and Professional Indemnity Insurances.


  • Shire of Narrogin
  • Shire of Wandering
  • Shire of Wickepin
  • Shire of Katanning
  • Shire of West Arthur.

Limitations & Exclusions

  • Shire of Narrogin personnel need to be appropriately authorised to undertake relevant enforcement and regulatory services under your local government’s Local Laws and various State Acts, however we can easily guide you through this process.

Further Information

Contact the Executive Manager Development & Regulatory Services