The Shire understands that where a heritage building can no longer function with its original use, the proposing a new function is inevitable in order to preserve the significance of the heritage building. The revitalisation and preservation of heritage buildings historically underutilised, offers the potential for commercial and/ or community development and employment opportunities. The Shire views the future re-use of both the Narrogin Railway Station and the Railway Goods Shed as contributing to Narrogin’s development and to the creation of a diverse and vibrant local economy and community.  

The process of re-purposing the Railway Station and the Railway Goods Shed through the development of an adaptive reuse strategy for both buildings will require consultation with the Shire as well as other stakeholders and extensive community consultation. Consideration of critical elements such as the accessibility and the usability of both places will be required as well as the balance among different and interconnected elements, such as the improvement in materials and resources efficiency, the generation of economic benefits and the enhancement of intrinsic values.