Council Committee Participation

Committees of Council

Committees established under legislation reporting to Council. Council Committees are those where Council does exercise control (establishment, dissolution etc). As all of Council Committees have no delegated power, members of the public are generally unable to attend Committee and Reference Group Meetings without prior approval of the Presiding Member.

  • Audit Committee
  • Narrogin Airport Committee
  • Local Emergency Management Committee
  • Australia Day and Honours Committee
  • Narrogin District Townscape Committee
  • Bush Fire Advisory Committee

Minutes of Committees of Council can be found here.

Meeting dates for Committees of Council are below. 

Note Well:  All Meetings of the Council and Committees will, during the Public Health Pandemic, (WA State of Emergency)  be undertaken as digital Skype for Business Meetings and not in person. Minutes of the Meetings can viewed (downloaded free of charge) after the Meeting and questions for Council Meetings are to be submitted via email, prior to the meeting at least 24 hours prior in writing, or via email to .

Please note that during the current COVID-19 pandemic State of Emergency, all Council and Committee Ordinary and Special meetings, will be held via instantaneous communication (Skype for Business) and regrettably, therefore, the public are unable to attend.

Audit Committee

  • No dates currently set

Narrogin Airport Committee

  • No dates currently set

Local Emergency Management Committee

  • 8 December 2020
  • 2 March 2021
  • 8 June 2021 

Australia Day and Honours Advisory Committee

  • Monday 26 October 2020
  • Monday 9 November 2020
  • Monday 11 January 2021
  • Monday 8 February 2021

Townscape Advisory Committee

  • Tuesday 31 March 2020 (via Skype)
  • Tuesday 5 May 2020 (via Skype)
  • Tuesday 16 June 2020
  • Tuesday 4 August 2020
  • Tuesday 15 September 2020
  • Tuesday 17 November 2020

Bush Fire Advisory Committee

  • No dates currently set

Council Reference Groups

Reference Groups are those groups where Council does exercise control (establishment, dissolution etc), but not established under legislation.

  • Community Assisted Transport Service (CATS)  Stakeholder Reference Group
  • Community Chest Reference Group
  • Roads Reference Group

Meeting dates for Council Reference Groups are below. 

Community Assisted Transport Service (CATS) Stakeholder Group

No dates currently set

Community Chest Reference Group

  • Tuesday 8 September 2020

Roads Reference Group

No dates currently set

External Organisations

External Organisations are those where Council does not exercise control (establishment, dissolution etc).

  • Development Advisory Panel
  • Central Country Zone WALGA
  • Wheatbelt South Regional Road Group
  • Narrogin Chamber of Commerce
  • Dryandra Country Visitors Centre
  • Narrogin Cottage Homes Committee
  • Regional Waste Management Group
  • Dryandra Voluntary Regional Organisation of Councils
  • Narrogin Community Support Organisation
  • Narrogin Community Childcare Centre

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Terms of Reference for Council Committees and Reference Groups

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