Capital Works Projects 2017/2018

The following projects have been adopted in 2017/18 budget

a indicates project has been completed 

Municipal funded projects include:

Heath Street  a

Ensign Street Carparks  a

Park Street Carpark (side of the Country Women’s Association building)  a

Roads to Recovery funded road works include:

Cresswell Street  a

Glyde Street  a

May Street  a

Doney Street  a

Hale Street  a

Narrakine Road a

Fairway Street  a

Highbury West Road  a

Narrogin Valley Road  a

Felspar Street  a

Hillman Street  a

Roe Street  a

Garfield Street  a

Homer Street  a

Wagin Wickepin Road a

Gibson Street  a

Marsh Street a

Whinbin Rock Road  a

Regional Road Group funded road works:

Narrogin Harrismith Road  a   

Play Ground Equipment replacement:

Lions Park – Replace sand with soft fall rubber   a          

Jersey Street Park – Install shade sails  a

Sydney Hall Park – Install shade sails a

Garfield Park – Install shade sails a

Highbury Park – Install shade sails a

Northwood Street Park – New playground equipment  a

Ashworth Crescent Park –  ½ basketball court  a

Hockey Club playground– Install shade sails  a

Highbury Hall– Relocate playground equipment and add rubber soft fall  a

Flood Damage Road Repairs

Bennier Road  a

Hardie Road a

Narrogin Valley Road a

Betteley Road

Highbury East Road a

O’Dea Road

Birdwhistle Road

Highbury South Road

O’Neill Road

Blight Road

Highbury West Road 

Parks Road

Boothey Road a

Hyde Road a

Pethybridge Road

Borgas Road  a

Jamieson Road a

Rowe Road a

Campbells Road

Katta Road

Rushy Pool Road  a

Cannell Road

Kemp Road a

Sargeant Road

Chomley Road a

Lavator Road

Saunders Road

Condon Road a

Lock Road a

Spencer Road  a

Cornwell Road

Manaring Road

Tarwonda Road

Crooked Pool Road

Manning Road a

Wagin – Wickepin Road  a

Dwelyerdine Road  a

McDougalls Road

Wangeling Gully Road

Flavel Road

McKenzie Road

Warrens Road

Geeraling Road a

Michael Brown Road

Whimbin Rock Road  a

Graham Road

Morcombe Road

Wiese Road

Greens Road  a

Murdoch Road  a

Woods Road

Halls Road  a

Narrakine Road South  a

Yarranabee Road  a

Hancock Road a

Narrogin Harrismith Road a


Drainage improvement works:

Improve floodway’s on rural road network - various a

Other proposed asset improvements include:

Cemetery –  Niche walls a

Cemetery – Carpark  a

Thomas Hogg Oval – Disabled access ramp from carpark to oval a

Removal of the Town Clock a

Security Gate at the Depot a

Skate park – Complete landscaping a

Memorial Park – Paving upgrade  a

Street Furniture – CBD and Highbury a

Airport – Refurbishment of flight landing cones  a

Footpaths to be constructed or receiving works:

Daglish Street – Williams Street to Lock Street a

Felspar Street – Complete to Narrakine Road and Earl Street to Federal Street a

Clayton Road – (Near the Men's Shed) a

Williams Road – In front of Hospital a