Narrogin Race Club

A new era in WA Racing began when Narrogin Racing held its official Launch Meeting on September 28th 2008. Narrogin Racing is the first club in WA to incorporate both Thoroughbred and Harness Racing. A big crowd, comprising of visitors from Perth and the surrounding area, gathered at Narrogin Racing to be a part of WA racing history.

The concept of Narrogin Racing began as early as February 2007 when Committees of both the Narrogin Harness Racing Club and the Narrogin Turf Club requested a meeting with Dianne Begg, Manager of Racing Development at RWWA, to discuss how best to administer the shared facilities at Narrogin Turf & Harness tracks.

It was out of this meeting that the idea of combining the clubs emerged. In April 2007 the concept was formally introduced when elected representatives from each Club formed a Joint Management Committee to discuss the advantages of combining the two Clubs.

After much discussion with respect to naming the club it was officially incorporated as Narrogin Race & Pace Inc on 13th February, 2008. The club initially requested incorporation as Narrogin Racing; however, as this name was unavailable a decision was made that the club would be incorporated as Narrogin Race & Pace Inc and would trade as Narrogin Racing..

Manager: Cathi Trefort-Budby
Phone: 9881 1009
Mobile: 0447 066 703
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