Proposed Meteorological Mast Tower at Lot 14816 Marramucking Road, Boundain and Lot 15842 Williams Kondinin Road, Ockley

Published on Thursday, 4 July 2024 at 3:57:15 PM

The Shire of Narrogin has received a proposal to install and operate a temporary Meteorological Mast at two proposed locations, with only one mast to be installed at any given time. The proposed Meteorological Mast will be located at the following locations:

Location Reference

Land Parcel

Certificate of Title

Met Mast Central

Lot 14816 on DP205933

LOT 14816 on deposited plan 205933 Volume LR3137 Folio 619

Met Mast East

Lot 15482 on DP171405

LOT 15482 on deposited plan 171405 Volume 405 Folio 75A

Below is a copy of the submitted application details, including a drawing of the proposed mast and a map identifying the locations.

Comments should be provided no later than Friday 9 August 2024.  If no comments are received within this time, it will be assumed you have none to provide.

Application for Development Approval - Meteorological Mast

Drawing of Mast

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