Narrogin $100,000 Dam Grant Success

Published on Wednesday, 17 November 2021 at 2:20:49 PM

Narrogin $100,000 Dam Grant Success

 The Minister for Water, the Hon Dave Kelly MLA, has approved a $100,000 grant from the McGowan Governments Community Water Supplies Partnership Program with Local Government to the Shire of Narrogin.

 The grant, together with the Shire’s own contribution of $69,190, is for the construction of a stormwater harvesting dam. The project will divert stormwater flows from sealed town streets including May Street in Narrogin to the proposed dam located behind Clayton Oval. The water will be used for irrigation of Hardie Park, formally known as Centre Sports Oval. The grants provides help to local governments and regional communities to secure additional non-potable water sources and develop longer-term solutions for dealing with the impacts of climate change. The dam will harvest potentially up to 147 million litres of storm water that would normally be lost, for the purpose of irrigation and greening Narrogin.

 Shire President Leigh Ballard noted “On behalf of the residents and ratepayers of Narrogin I would like to thank Minister Kelly, and the State Government, for acknowledging the needs of Narrogin and the Shire’s desires to further its efforts in greening Narrogin, in a continually drying climate”.

 Works are expected to commence in the new year with local contractors encouraged to vie for the works, with competition scheduled for mid-year to start harvesting winter rainfall.

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