Townscape Advisory Committee

The Townscape Advisory Committee met on 3 December 2014 with a 'Think Tank' program to discuss proposals for the refurbishment of Fortune Street. Key documents relating to streetscaping and placemaking were presented to the committee highlighting the following points:

  • Narrogin’s Heritage CBD
  • 2014 Council Endorsed  Terms of Reference
  • 1988 Townscape Plan
  • 1987/88- 2011Narrogin Townscape  Advisory Committee History/Achievements
  • 2005 Narrogin Town Centre Workshop 2 In the Year of the Built Environment
  • 2006 Narrogin Townscape Plan, Policy, and Guidelines Date Proposed Streetscape Smith Street
  • 2010 Town of Narrogin – Street Tree Planting: Selections and Recommendations
  • Townscape Revisited
  • Place making – What Makes a Successful Place?

The new committee was elected in the meeting held on 21 January 2015 this was followed by a presentation of the proposed future works for Fortune Street.

Committee members are;

Cr. Clive Bartron
Cr. Jan McKenzie 
Grant Chapman, Community member
Lee Thomson, Community member
Karen Keeley, Community member
Peter White, Community member
Michelle Wnuk, Community member 
Brian Robinson, Director of Technical and Environmental Services
Susan Guy, Manager of Leisure & Culture
Loriann Bell, Administrative Support Officer

Click here to download the Terms of Reference