Opening of Shire Transfer Station

Posted on: Monday, 26 February 2018 at 3:57:06 PM

The Shire of Narrogin has recently completed the construction of the Transfer Station at its Landfill site on White Road. It is anticipated that the Transfer Station will be open on Wednesday 28 February 2018.

The Transfer station is comprised of 12 bays with collection bins placed at the bottom of the hardstand area. The first eight bays will be used for the collection of general waste, for which only three bays will be open at any time. Once a bay becomes full, it will be close and another bay will be opened. Two of the bays have been allocated for green waste, one bay for metal/steel and the last bay is for the collection of tyres.

Along the road to the tip face, are bins and a set down area for recyclable wastes which are sign posted for the disposal of cardboard/papers, batteries, gas bottles and glass.

No unauthorised access to the tip face will be permitted to the general public.

In regards to the tip shop this will close and will no longer be operational.

We will have officers at the transfer station to assist with this process and your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated to allow the smooth flow of the operation during initial stages.


Transfer Station Layout Plan

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