Rates Prize Winners

Posted on: Tuesday, 26 September 2017 at 10:27:54 AM

Congratulations to the following prize winners for paying their rates in
full by 5 September 2017.

1st Prize

A211100 – H Snow

2nd Prize

A234900 – M Capps

3rd Prize

A103 – G Boothey

4th Prize

A456 - G & W Southall

15 x 5th Prize

A300800 S Rowe, A292100 M & A Epworth, A340035 C Stott, A243600 D Zawieruch/G Fraser, A320150 T O'Rourke, A616 GF Wilson, A272400 J Gannaway, A202800 C Parrett, A208 Siahbra Pty Ltd, A148 Elders Ltd, A268900 C Moore, A220100 B Egerton Warburton, A369 D Voskuilen, A2361 B Borthwick/Y Pethybridge, A330200 MA Turvey/K Bradbrook/N Turvey


Prize winners can collect their prizes from the Shire administration office.

Aaron Cook
Chief Executive Officer

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