Rock Painting - Elders Group

Posted on: Thursday, 13 July 2017 at 4:44:49 PM

Narrogin Regional Homecare – Elders Group

Staff and members of the Elders Centre Based Day Care Group from Narrogin Homecare have been busy creating a little bit of fun and sunshine for the kids of Narrogin.

 A group called WA Rocks has emerged from Facebook promoting creativity and nature play for the kids in WA (and around Australia).  Jo-Louise, our imaginative staff member, thought it might be a bit of fun for both our Elders Group and kids to get involved in the WA Rocks movement by both painting and treasure hunting.

The Elders Group put themselves to task to hand paint an array of rocks, some of which are shown below.  On the back of the rocks was painted the Narrogin postcode of 6312.  They were then sealed and hidden in various parks around Narrogin for the kids to find, collect and re-hide some of the rocks (so the fun is shared around). 

Rockpainting picture

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