Capital Works Projects 2017/2018

The following projects have been adopted in 2017/18 budget

a indicates project has been completed 

Municipal funded projects include:

Heath Street  a

Ensign Street Carpark

Park Street Carpark (side of the Country Women’s Association building)

Roads to Recovery funded road works include:

Cresswell Street  a

Glyde Street  a

May Street  a

Doney Street  a

Hale Street  a

Narrakine Road a

Fairway Street  a

Highbury West Road  a

Narrogin Valley Road  a

Felspar Street  a

Hillman Street  a

Roe Street  a

Garfield Street  a

Homer Street  a

Wagin Wickepin Road a

Gibson Street  a

Marsh Street a

Whinbin Rock Road  a

Regional Road Group funded road works:

Narrogin Harrismith Road  a   

Play Ground Equipment replacement:

Lions Park – Replace sand with soft fall rubber   a          

Jersey Street Park – Install shade sails  a

Northwood Street Park – New playground equipment  a

Ashworth Crescent Park –  ½ basketball court  a

Hockey Club playground– Install shade sails  a

Highbury Hall– Relocate playground equipment and add rubber soft fall  a

Flood Damage Road Repairs

Bennier Road  a

Hardie Road

Narrogin Valley Road

Betteley Road

Highbury East Road

O’Dea Road

Birdwhistle Road

Highbury South Road

O’Neill Road

Blight Road

Highbury West Road 

Parks Road

Boothey Road

Hyde Road

Pethybridge Road

Borgas Road  a

Jamieson Road

Rowe Road

Campbells Road

Katta Road

Rushy Pool Road  a

Cannell Road

Kemp Road

Sargeant Road

Chomley Road

Lavator Road

Saunders Road

Condon Road

Lock Road

Spencer Road  a

Cornwell Road

Manaring Road

Tarwonda Road

Crooked Pool Road

Manning Road

Wagin – Wickepin Road  a

Dwelyerdine Road  a

McDougalls Road

Wangeling Gully Road

Flavel Road

McKenzie Road

Warrens Road

Geeraling Road

Michael Brown Road

Whimbin Rock Road  a

Graham Road

Morcombe Road

Wiese Road

Greens Road  a

Murdoch Road  a

Woods Road

Halls Road  a

Narrakine Road South  a

Yarranabee Road  a

Hancock Road

Narrogin Harrismith Road a


Drainage improvement works:

Improve floodway’s on rural road network - various

Other proposed asset improvements include:

Cemetery – Complete carpark and Niche walls

Thomas Hogg Oval – Disabled access ramp from carpark to oval

Skate park – Complete landscaping

Memorial Park – Paving upgrade  a

Street Furniture – CBD and Highbury

Airport – Refurbishment of flight landing cones  a

Footpaths to be constructed or receiving works:

Daglish Street– Williams Street to Lock Street a

Felspar Street – Complete to Narrakine Road and Earl Street to Federal Street a

Williams Road – In front of Hospital